The Fridge of the Future Present

20 06 2007

Appliances: Dry Erase Fridge Makes Food Preservation Fun Again – Gizmodo

Here’s a nice low-fidelity solution for interactive refrigerators. You’ve heard of/seen the ones that live at Fry’s and Best Buy and contain interactive touchscreen computers, allowing you to keep grocery lists, order food, and even examine current refrigerator properties like temperature and known food contents (which would have to be self-input…In the future, all groceries might have RFID tags bypassing that painful and needless step).

This one is much more simple: Coat the fridge with dry-erase material and let the humans go to work!

I’d like to have one to leave notes for family members, keep on-the-fly grocery needs, and any other thoughts that find my whilst in the kitchen! It’s a great capture tool…The best part is that it doesn’t assume what tasks you would use it for like a computer would almost surely do. (actually, the best part is the comparative $$$ savings, but that’s much more obvious).




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