My Firefox Addons

16 07 2007

Here’s a list of the firefox addons I have installed:

  • Google Notebook
    Nice little notebook that you can access at any time by clicing it’s little icon at the bottom of your browser. Good for those who get random useful thoughts while surfing the web.
  • GoogleBar
    The Google Toolbar…
  • Google Gears
    If you use Google Reader, and are worried about being able to read your feeds while offline, use Google Gears!
  • Google Reader Notifier
    Like the mail notifier, can let you know how many new items you have to read without having to visit the reader itself
  • Google Calendar Notifier
    Same idea as above- but lets you have constant access to relevant Google Calendar items…
  • Web Developer Toolbar
    GREAT resource if you do any web development. The amount of utilities is too many to list…
  • ColorZilla
    Lives at the bottom of the browser and allows you to find out what the exact colors are of an area of the webpage. Good for developers trying to match specific colors…
  • Measure It
    Lives at the bottom of the browser and lets you measure certain areas of a webpage to find its dimensions. good for developers trying to fit a specific width or height…
  • Del.Icio.Us
    Allows you to easily bookmark pages and save them to your Delicious account and collaborate with others
  • Scribefire
    If you are a blogger, this is a good tool. It allows you to instantly open up your editor and post to your blog account easily. Best for quick blog entries, but have some pretty impressive features for more complicated posts too…
  • StumbleUpon
    Click it and away you go! Can’t say how many hours I’ve spent stumbled from page to page during down times…
  • ViewSource Chart
    For developers- lets you visualize the source chart to see what elements are nested where!
  • Clipmarks
    Pretty neat tool that les you select certain elements on a page and save to your online account
  • Locationbar(2)
    Casts a spell on your url bar so that you can quickly drill up into other areas of the site you are on
  • Snap
    Coolest Addon of the year! Allows you to see a thumbnail of the site that a link refers to. Just hover of the link (I have it set so that only the little snap icon produces the effect), and you can see where the link wants to send you. It’s almost like window-browsing…
  • Piclens
    I don’t use it much, but it’s pretty impressive. Basically a site with lots of pictures can be turned into a pretty slideshow with fade-in and fade-out effects and all!
  • Package Mapping
    If you order a lot online, this is helpful/cool. Allows you to track packages and visualize their path taken…
  • Mouse Gestures
    I don’t use this much because I use my laptop mostly, but basically lets you navigate your browser using user-customizable actions with your mouse!
  • Map This
    Any address on any site can be highlighted, right clicked, and you can access the Google Map for it!



2 responses

16 07 2007
Paul Angles

Hey, thanks for calling us the coolest addon of the year! You rock!

16 07 2007

No thanks necessary. It’s fantastic!

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