My new wireless productivity tool

20 06 2007

My new logitech wireless headphones

Problem: I needed some nice headphones to serve the purpose of listening to music at my desk, while also not constraining my movement around my desk as I swivel, move from surface to surface, and turn to use my white board.

The Answer: Logitech Freepulse Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. They cost about $100 and are designed well. Range is about 30 feet (which is more than enough to move around my cube, and also pick up prints from the copier.

There are no volume buttons on the headphones. Instead, the right headphone disc is a rocker panel. when you press on the top portion, the volume turns up. When you press on the bottom; down. The headphones are equipped with sound feedback that is just salient enough to be informative but not intrusive so as to annoy you or interfere with your listening material.

They sound great too.

Warning: They can be fairly uncomfortable if you don’t have then adjusted JUST right. I find myself with the sore-lobes every so often after a long stint of listening bliss…

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